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Multiverse 2009 Prompt Submission Post

As outlined in my previous post, we are going to be doing things differently this year. This time around, everyone will have two weeks to submit their ideas for crazy space show crossovers. Then, a list of prompts will go up and people will be able to claim them. The stories will be posted in June.

There's still a set list of fandoms you can choose from, but it's now more than twice as long as it was in any previous year. If your favourite obscure space fandom didn't make it into the top fifty, please make a note of it and remind me to add it in next round.

Alien Nation
Astro Boy
Babylon 5 Universe (including Crusade and Legend of the Rangers)
Battlestar Galactica
Blake's 7
Captain Harlock
Chronicles of Riddick Universe
C J Cherryh's Alliance-Union Universe (also including the Chanur Series)
Cowboy Bebop
DC Universe
Doctor Who Universe (including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures)
Dragon Ball
Earth 2
Gundam Universe
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Honor Harrington Series
Invader Zim
Legend of Galactic Heroes
Martian Successor Nadesico
Marvel Universe
Outlaw Star
Red Dwarf
Red vs Blue
Space: 1999
Space: Above and Beyond
Space Battleship Yamato
Star Cops
Stargate Universe
Star Trek Universe
Star Wars Universe
Titan AE
The Tomorrow People
Ulysses 31
Vorkosigan Saga

Before you start submitting prompts, answers to a few questions you may have.

The Fandom List

Before anyone asks whether I mean classic Battlestar Galactica or the new kind or points out that Robotech and Macross are not really the same thing, an entry on the above list means that ANY VERSION of the listed fandom is acceptable. This includes its spin-off material - books, comics, computer games, anything you like. If you want to request a story where Evelyn Smythe and Darth Revan have a tea party, go right ahead.

Prompt Format

Prompts should be in this format:

Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5: Saul Tigh and Michael Garibaldi meet at an interdimensional AA meeting.

These prompts can be as vague or as specific as you want. A few acceptable examples:

Star Trek/Farscape: Q & Scorpius.

Gundam/Voltron: Any contact between these two universes.

Doctor Who Universe/Transformers: Captain Jack Harkness/Starscream

Transformers/Star Wars/Captain Harlock: Lockdown teams up with Bobba Fett to hunt down Captain Harlock.

Please also remember that these are prompts, not requests. What's the difference? Basically, you're providing an idea for the author. They are not providing a story for you. Any given person may not have their prompts selected, and you don't get to place restrictions on what other people do with your concept. You don't get to determine the rating of the story or ask them to leave out the het/slash/incest/badgers.

Prompt Claiming

Because this is the first time we've done things this way, I'm still working out the specifics. I've yet to decide if people will be allowed to claim their own prompts, or if more than one person will be able to claim a single prompt. This largely depends on just how many prompts we get and how varied they are.

I do know that the prompts will be divided up onto posting dates throughout June. Claiming will begin on May 1st, so people will have between one and two months to work on their story depending on when their posting date is.

In the interest of greater flexibility of participation, I will be doing away with the minimum length limit on stories. If you can manage to write a whole Rosswell/Doctor Who crossover in one hundred words, more power to you *g*.

A Note about Marvel and DC

I've included these in the fandom list because both universes have significant space elements, but I'll be screening prompts to make sure that they involve those elements somehow. 'The X-Men meet the Tomorrow People' might be a really cool and interesting story, but it's not really relevant to the challenge's space show theme. If your prompt involves aliens or space travel, it's probably good to go.

... and without further rambling on my part, please prompt away!
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