Andraste (andrastewhite) wrote in multiverse5000,

Multiverse 2010 Prompt Submissions Now Open

Yes, space beings of all persuasions, it is that time of the year again. However, this year we are doing things slightly differently: Multivese is moving to Dreamwidth.

I am moving the ficathon for two reasons. Firstly, I am increasingly unhappy with livejournal's level of fail and uncomfortable providing them content given the way that they treat their user base. Secondly, I have been on Dreamwidth for a year now and have found their service reliable and excellent.'

I checked and found that out of the people who posted to Multiverse last year, about two thirds already have a dreamwidth journal, and that was just the ones I could find under the same name at both sites. You do not need to be on dreamwidth to submit prompts, so it's only going to be a problem for those who want to post things and don't have a journal there already - if you fit into that category, just let me know and I'll get your a dreamwidth invite code.

Prompt submissions for Multiverse are open here. I'm slightly late opening this year because I've had a busy couple of weeks and completely forgot that I meant to do this in April - posting will start June 15th this year, and when it finishes will depend on how many prompts we get.

I will crosspost any major admin announcements to this community for the time being, but I suggest you join/bookmark the dw comm if you want to keep up-to-date with Multiverse from now on.
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