Andraste (andrastewhite) wrote in multiverse5000,

Multiverse on Archive Of Our Own

Now that people have had time to claim some prompts for the upcoming Multiverse round, there are a few other things I wanted to do. First of all, I've created a collection of Multiverse stories on Archive of Our Own. People have already been tagging with Community: multiverse5000, but I wanted to make it even easier to find as many Multiverse stories there as possible.

If you've already uploaded your fic, you just need to edit them and add 'Multiverse' where it says 'Post to Collections/Challenges'. At the moment I'm keeping it simple so everything from 2004 to the present should go in the same collection.

If someone with more graphical ability than myself would like to make a custom banner, that would be awesome.
Tags: admin
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