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Prompt Submissions Open For Multiverse 2011

Welcome to another round of Multiverse, the multifandom space show crossover challenge. This year, the challenge will be running with the aid of the brand new prompt challenge code over at the Archive of our Own. (Yes, I know. Two new venues in two years! I think having the challenge over at the AO3 is a great opportunity, though.)

Prompt submission for the current round is open until the end of July. Please keep in mind that we're using the alpha version of the code, and you may see bugs that need to be reported to the archive.

Q. How do I submit prompts?

You need to have an AO3 account in order to submit or claim prompts, or to post a story. If you need help getting one, just let me know. When logged into your account, you can fill in the submission form on the challenge page.

Q. How long do I have to submit prompts?

Until July 31st.

Q. How many prompts may I submit?

Up to ten.

Q. Do I have to commit to writing a story in order to submit a prompt?

Not at all! You may submit prompts without writing anything. (Or claim prompts without submitting them, for that matter.)

Q. What kinds of prompts can I submit?

Each prompt must involve two or more fandoms from the pre-approved list of space shows. (Some of which are actually space books, space movies, space comics, etc.) You may add characters and other details if you like, but this is not compulsory.

Q. I want to request a fandom that isn't on the list!

If your fandom involves space travel and/or aliens, I will be happy to add it to the challenge for you. Just drop me a line here or at the archive and I'll get right on it.

Q. How do I claim a prompt?

You can see the list of prompts and claim one (or more!) by browsing the prompts on the collection. Feel free to claim your own prompts if you like.

Q. When are stories due?

For each prompt your claim, you must submit a story on or before September 30th 2011.

Q. Is there a length limit?

There is no minimum or maximum length limit, so responding with a haiku or a novel is allowable.

Q. How many prompts can I claim?

While you may claim any number of prompts during the ficathon, the management would like to gently suggest that you finish one story before going back for another, in order to give everyone a fair chance to claim.

Have fun, and if your prompt is filled, please be polite and send feedback!
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