Andraste (andrastewhite) wrote in multiverse5000,

Multiverse 2011: Open For Business

Prompt submissions are now closed for Multiverse 2011. You may now proceed straight to claiming prompts and posting fills. There are one hundred and eighty prompts available, including the forty-two I threw in at the end. (It seemed like a good number.) Some of those prompts are mine, some are prompts from last year that I copied over, and some were invented by me and my friends over hamburgers while we were all exhausted to the point of hysteria. Have fun trying to distinguish those from the usual level of multiverse wackiness!

The rules are simple:

1) For each prompt your claim, you must submit a story on or before September 30th 2011. There is no minimum or maximum length limit, so responding with a haiku or a novel is allowable.

2) While you may claim any number of prompts during the ficathon, the management would like to gently suggest that you finish one story before going back for another, in order to give everyone a fair chance to claim.

3) If your prompt is filled, please send feedback.
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