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Multiverse 5000

Why Multiverse 5000 instead of Multiverse 2008? Because, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Ultimate Multiverse. I have been doing this for (!) five years now, but this will be the last Multiverse ficathon I organize. I am now back at university doing my Graduate Dimploma, and by the time 2009 rolls around I hope to be either job hunting or employed in a proper career. I seriously considered not running Multiverse this year, but decided that I would make time for one last space show-themed hurrah to celebrate the whole crazy thing.

What is Multiverse 5000?

For those not familiar with the concept, the Multiverse Crossover Ficathon is a fiction exchange where writers sign up to write a crossover based on the requests of another writer, and get a story written for them in return. The crossovers involve a certain set of fandoms, all of which are space shows. (Except for the fandoms that are actually space books or space movies, but you get the idea.)

The timeline has been pushed forward, as I have to make this fit in with my semester breaks.


March 7th: Sign ups start.

March 21st: Sign ups close.

Sometime soon after March 21st: Assignments handed out.

June 31st: Stories due in.

July 1st: Pinch hitters get their assignments. Notes are sent to anyone who hasn't handed in their story or dropped out, politely inquiring 'where the frack is your fic?'

July 7th: Archive opens. Everyone applauds.

July 14th: Author names revealed.

Last year, I held off opening the archive because some stories hadn't been turned in, and still ended up with three people missing fic. I'm afraid that this year the open will have to open on the 7th whether or not every single contributor has a story. Please keep in mind when you sign up that it can be very, very difficult to find pinch hitters for this ficathon, and while I will do my best to guarantee you a story, I cannot work miracles.

The Fandom Master List

These are all the fandoms you can request and/or offer to write for this year's ficathon. Please note the codes for future reference. As usual, fandoms have shuffled on and off the list.

Star Trek (TOS)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)

Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)

Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)

Stargate: SG1 (SG1)

Stargate: Atlantis (SGA)

Babylon 5 (B5)

Crusade (CRU)

Star Wars (SW)

Star Wars Prequels (SWP)

Doctor Who (DW)

Torchwood (TW)

Battlestar Galactica (BSG2003)

Farscape (FS)

Firefly (FF)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (HHTTGG)

Blake's 7 (B7)

Miles Vorkosigan (MV)

Futurama (F)

Alien(s) (A)

Red Dwarf (RD)

Andromeda (AND)


Transformers (TF)

Signing Up

You sign up for the ficathon by commenting here, in the format outlined below. Comments will be screened so that requests remain secret - please don't talk about what you asked for in public places. (And yes, your lj is a public place, even if you've locked the post.) You need to make exactly three requests and offer to write in at least three different fandoms.

Here is a sample sign up form, with notes:

Name: Andraste. (In other words, please list whatever name you want your story to be posted under.)

Livejournal: andrastewhite. (You don't need a livejournal in order to sign up, but if you do have one please list the username here.)

E-mail: (Again, put the addy you want on your story at the end. If you have a different e-mail address for day to day use I need that as well.)


Arnold Rimmer (RD)/Miklo Braca (FS)
Winn Adami (DS9) & Laura Roslin (BSG)
Sikozu (FS) & Doctor Who

Maximum Rating: NC-17

The above example show how to format your requests. For romantic pairings you use the / symbol. For ampersand - that is, stories where you just want the characters to meet in a platonic kind of way - you use the & symbol. I realise that some fandoms indicate things differently, but it is very important that you format your requests this way. Otherwise you may end up with slash when what you wanted was ampersand, or vice versa, and then nobody will be happy.

You can request het, femslash, ampersand, slash or simply a scenario where a character from one universe is introduced into another fandom. If you like, you may ask for crossovers within a single universe (between different versions of Trek or the two Stargate shows, for example) but only for one of your three requests. Your requests must cover at least three different fandoms. And yes, you can ask for threesomes, foursomes or crazy five-way crossovers, but if I can't match you with anyone I'll beg you to ask for something easier *g*.

I always encourage people to look at the list of unwritten requests from previous ficathons, if only to see how bizarre the scenarios can get ...

Fandoms I Can Write: TNG, DS9, B5, CRU, SW, SWP, FF, FS, B7, BSG, HHGTTG, DW, RD, TW, TF.

Here is where you put down all the fandoms you can write for. In order to sign up, you must be able to write at least three fandoms from the master list. The more you offer, the easier it will be to match you up with another writer, so put down as many as you can handle.

Maximum Rating I Can Write: NC-17

Anything You Won't Write?: No. Tentacle pr0n a speciality.

This is the place you can not that you won't write het/slash/femslash/threesomes/whatever. Please note that you only need to cover things people can ask for in the format of the challenge. Since the requests are just pairings or broad scenarios, nobody will be able to demand non-con, fluff or songfic with Celine Dion lyrics.

For fandoms with a lot of canon, it is probably a good idea to specify which bits you're comfortable writing - if you're only familiar with New Series Doctor Who canon or the live action Transformers movie, this is fine. Just make sure I know about it so I don't match you with the wrong person!

Any and all questions may be directed to me, your faithful moderator. Now sign up, and then pimp this ficathon to all corners of the multiverse!
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