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My name is Angelia Sparrow. I've been a member here for some years and written a few multiverse stories.

These days, I run Inkstained Succubus Press.

We've got an anthology call out right now that begs for talented writers to get published and get paid. Filed off is a collection of fanfiction turned into original fiction. Any fandom, any pairing, any heat level.

If your story is between 5000 and 10000 words, and you'd like to give this a try, check out the submission guidelines at All anthologies pay royalties on a quarterly schedule.

(We have a number of anthologies open right now, and are always reading stand alone work)

Thank you for your time, and my apologies if you see this more than once.

fic (An Officer and a Con Artist) Andromeda/ST:TNG)

Title: An Officer and a Con Artist
Fandoms: Andromeda and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Author: karrenia
Words: 1186
Rating: General Audiences
Prompt: June 30, Andromeda/Star Trek Q and Uncle Sid
Disclaimer: Andromeda belongs to Tribune Entertainment and Fireworks Productions as do all of the characters mentioned here. Star Trek: The Next Generation and all of the characters who appear here or are mentioned belong to Paramount and its various creators, producers etc; they are not mine.

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Fic: From the Stars, Knowledge (Star Trek: Voyager/ Firefly)

Title: From the Stars, Knowledge
Author: mandysbitch
Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager/Firefly
Characters: Janeway, Voyager and Firefly ensembles.
Word Count: 8371
Author's Notes: Written for multiverse5000, June 26. My prompt: "Voyager's new holoprogram is a space western." My apologies for being late - but I made it in the end!

These ships aren’t even warp capable. She doesn’t know how they stay in the sky.
scintillating conversation

A Harvest of Wild Oats [Marvel Universe/Firefly, gen]

Title: A Harvest of Wild Oats
Prompt: Marvel Universe/Firefly. It turns out that Corsair is Malcolm Reynold's father.
Characters: Alex, Scott, Nathan, Corsair, Mal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: What begins as an intergalactic fishing trip only manages to get more complicated.

Notes: Post-Serenity. For the X-folks, takes place after Alex's aborted wedding, when Cable was holed up drunk in a safehouse after demoralizing circumstances, and some time during New X-Men. I say this for general orientation, but any backstory is explained in the fic, so is not important for reading comprehension.

A Harvest of Wild Oats
Cally-alone, alone in the night

FIC: Still Breathing Hope (Blake's 7/ST:TNG)

Title: Still Breathing Hope
Author: Kathryn Andersen kerravonsen
Fandoms: Blake's 7/ST:TNG
Written For: Multiverse 2009 multiverse5000 prompt for June 27th
Summary: A dying Cally is offered a choice. AU for "Terminal".
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 900
Author's Note: I thought I wouldn't be able to do this, but I did!
More notes here

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God's Humor

Fic: Unwilling Oracle (PG, Farscape/Deep Space Nine)

Title: Unwilling Oracle
Author: [info - personal]beatrice_otter
Fandoms: Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Characters: John Crichton, Kira Nerys
Word Count: 1869
Written For: Multiverse 2009 (multiverse5000 ), June 25
Summary: John Crichton has wormholes in his head. On Bajor, this makes him an oracle whether he wants it or not.
AN: I don't think I really did this prompt justice, not least because I had problems writing Crichton's voice. I would love to see what someone else could do with it.

She’d worked with the Emissary for seven years; she could handle this. )

FIC: Three Fates, Watching (B7/TOS, PG13, 1/1)

Title: Three Fates, Watching
Author: kangeiko
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series / Blake's 7
Characters: mirror!Kirk, Blake
Rating: PG13
Timelines: Pre-series (mirror!TOS), The Way Back (Blake's 7).
Summary: When Jim Kirk is six years old, his parents make a deal on his behalf.
Author's Note: Written for multiverse5000, this was ridiculously hard to write, and is possibly version 8 or 9 of attempt 6 to write this story. Many thanks to alittlebriton and mizzykitty for their invaluable assistance; if it makes any sense, it is entirely up to their efforts.

Three Fates, Watching